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Future of Publishing Conference at the European Union Publications Office

Publications Office of the European Union 2018

Last year, the Publications Office of the European Union organised the conference ‘The Future of Publishing’ in Luxembourg. I was invited to present on the topic of the Future of Publishing from the eyes of the consumer, and was honoured to share my expertise to feed into the strategic planning process of the European Union executives.

This day-long event brought together professionals and industry experts with managers of the European institutions. Various stakeholder organisations, both public and private at the European and national level, were also represented. Thought-provoking presentations and discussions took place in its course, regarding the latest developments and challenges in the fields of information management and publishing.

The Publications Office of the European Union have published the conference outcomes in a written document as a follow-up to the event, offered in 24 languages. It presents an overview of the key takeaways from ‘The Future of Publishing’ along with a summary of each speaker’s presentation, including mine. Please visit this page on their official website to read or download the document.


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