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An award-winning integrated strategist, consumer psychologist, public speaker, mentor and lecturer who has over a decade's experience in checking consumers' pulse in various fields of marketing. A 'forever-student', I hopped continents either studying and working in Izmir, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Malmö and finally London - which is now home from home. Being in digital marketing for so many years kept me on my toes about the ever-changing nature of consumer behaviour. I have a tendency to overanalyse consumer interactions in light of tech adoption and cultural phenomena, as a result, consumer psychology and behavioural sciences have become the true and natural home for a mind like mine. Currently continuing my PhD studies in Cognition and Culture to broaden my horizons with cognitive sciences and cultural anthropology.


About me

I love working on brand-level strategy, product development and consumer insights projects to solve desired-consumer unknowns through a human lens, and believe that consumer psychology and cultural insights always prove to be the most rewarding exercises for myself and my clients to embark on major leaps for strategic brand and product innovation. 

Some trivia

Studied music production during my first couple of years in the UK and make music as a hobby. I launched my own [short-lived] record label in the early noughties. I have an incurable interest in the field of philosophy of technology. 

Recent Publications              

Dark Triad.png


Paper: "The dark tetrad, personal values and [im]morality in everyday consumer behaviour"

Consumer psychology research paper on dark personality types (Dark Triad and Dark Tetrad constructs), personal values and consumer motives that influence purchase intent and decision-making processes; and models of creative marketing, product innovation and marketing’s role in ethical consumer behaviour. Click here to read the long-form abstract.

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