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Some press appearances

AI Technology Insights - featured interview
Martech Series - Techbytes interview on Behavioural Science and Marketing
Wired - article on Apple's profit and share price
BBC News - article on fake online reviews
Bustle - article on the environmental problem with Black Friday
This is Money - article on UK discount stores and consumer choice
Albeit infrequently, I publish some of my thought pieces
on my blog, as well as the recordings of my event and conference attendances if/when available. 


Dark Triad.png

Paper: "The dark tetrad, personal values and [im]morality in everyday consumer behaviour"

Consumer psychology research paper on dark personality types (Dark Triad and Dark Tetrad constructs), personal values and consumer motives that influence purchase intent and decision-making processes; and models of creative marketing, product innovation and marketing’s role in ethical consumer behaviour. Click here to read the long-form abstract.

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